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First of all, we are not a Self-Publishing company


H First's publishing services have been set up with the mission to provide a platform to every deserving author to showcase his or her work. But, we will not accept every manuscript submitted to us; we will focus only on the quality of work. We will analyse your work on the basis of language, expression, thought, and story.  Salability will be a factor but not as dominant as in the case of other traditional publishers. Thus, anyone with an excellent thought, idea, plot, story-line, or information of some kind can come to us to get their book in front of readers. We would like to provide a fair chance to everyone to find readers for their work and showcase their talent to the world.

We welcome books from any genre and are open to academic books too.

Initially, we will be publishing the book as an e-book on our platform as well as on other major platforms like Amazon. Depending on the sales generated by the book in that format, we will move the book to the next stage and release it in the Print Format for sale on our website, on other online bookstores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., as well as for physical distribution through our distributors.

We will give a Royalty Percentage of 50% for E-Books, 15% for Hardcover, and 10% for Paperbacks. The Royalty Percentage for Hardcovers and Paperbacks can increase depending on the performance of the book.

Please read the guidelines for submission carefully before submitting your book for consideration.

​- We accept submissions only in MS-Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) formats. We will not be able to accept your submission in any other format.

- At the moment, we are accepting only completed manuscripts.

- We accept submissions in any genre including Poetry and Academic Books. However, at the moment we are not accepting Comic Books or books involving considerable amount of pictorial representation, photographs, and illustrations.

- Currently, we are accepting manuscripts only in English and Hindi.

- Since we will be analysing your book on the basis of language style and structure, make sure you have checked your manuscript for any kind of errors. If you are not sure, kindly get basic editing and proofreading done on it before submission. The book will undergo final editing and proofreading after it has been accepted for publication but proper language is a prerequisite so basic editing and proofreading will definitely give your manuscript a better chance. The better the editing and proofreading, the better will be your chances.

- We will not accept any work for publication if it involves pornography, hate speech, material inciting communal hatred, material promoting any criminal activity, defamatory or libelous material, or any material that is contrary to any laws in effect in India.

- While submitting the manuscript, you would need to submit the following details:








The title of your book?

Your complete name and, if there are any other authors and/or editors associated with the  project, their complete names along with a current CV or Resume for yourself and for each primary author/editor.

If some chapters/portion of the book will be contributed by others, please list their details including name, credentials, and affiliations.

Provide a brief of the book's contents (3-4 paragraphs). Include the main themes and objectives of the book along with its distinctive features in comparison to similar contemporary books.

Provide details of your book's intended audience.

If it is an Academic Book, please mention if it is intended for school, college, or university level students and include a list of programs and courses for which the book will be relevant.

The length of your manuscript (total number of pages).

- We are working as a Traditional Publisher and Authors are not required to pay anything to us for getting the book published. In case anyone approaches you for money promising to get your book published with us, kindly get in touch with us immediately to provide us with details of the person.

- Manuscripts complete in all respects should be sent to us by email at along with the necessary details mentioned above.

New authors may not be aware of the fact but it is the hard truth that book promotion and marketing is as much the responsibility of the author as it is of the publisher. In fact, the promotion done by an author is even better at driving sales as it is targeted at one book unlike the publisher who will be giving almost equal consideration to most of the books. Therefore, upon acceptance of your manuscript for publication, it is your responsibility as an author to start promoting your book through your social media channels and other means.

We will create a Cover for the book. However, if you would like, you can submit a Book Cover of your choice and, if approved, it will be used instead.

To advertise on this page, or for any other query, kindly email us at

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