Step-by-step procedure for taking online classes

Things you need - A Laptop or a Smartphone, Headphone or earphone with microphone, Internet broadband connection

Step 1 - Download Google Meet App from Playstore.

Step 2 - Register on the app using your gmail ID.

Step 3 - You can join a session only upon receiving a meeting code from instructor

Step 4 - You will receive a meeting code by WhatsApp (recommended) or email 5 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Step 5 - You can join the session using a laptop or your smartphone.

Note: The internet connection should be a broadband connection. You can use mobile internet but slower speed and connectivity issues might create problems with the session.

Charges per session



English (IB)

07 - 08



09 - 10



11 - 12



Fee Payment Details

For the first session, you can make a standalone payment of one session. But, after the first session, you will need to make payment for minimum 10 sessions. You can pay the fee by making Online Transfer of the required amount using the following Bank Details:

Name on Account

Account Number

Account Type


Bank Name & Branch


- Rajneesh Sharma

- 007101506568

- Savings


- ICICI Bank, Green Park

- ICIC0000071

Terms and conditions

Payments need to be made in advance to confirm a session. A booking will not get confirmed till the payment is received in account.

A session once booked cannot be postponed or preponed by the student.

If a student cancels a session, there will be no refund provided.

If a session is canceled by an instructor, an alternative session will be provided if possible, and acceptable, else refund will be provided.

It is the student's duty to be available at the selected time. The instructor will not provide extra time if the student is late. However, if the instructor is late due to some previous session, extra time will be provided.

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