International Science Olympiad 2019 by 'H First'

The 2019 edition of International Science Olympiad by 'H First' will be at a much bigger scale than the previous ones. We are looking at over 1 Lakh students from around the world participating in the competition to win recognition at national and international levels. In addition, there would be a top award worth $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) in every region including Full Scholarship to all courses run by 'H First' for the next one year, Gift Certificates, Free E-Books, and a lot more educational aids.

The 'International Science Olympiad (ISO)' by 'H First' is an attempt to not only locate the best talent in the world when it comes to the the world of Science, it is a measuring stick for students to assess where they stand in comparison to other students around the world to give themselves, their parents, and their teachers a chance to focus on problem areas and improve upon them to move ahead of the competition. The Olympiad would be held in multiple categories so that the students are compared with other students from the same level and a proper ranking is obtained for assessment purposes. The test would comprise of a wide range of questions that would evaluate the students on various parameters - Knowledge, Understanding, Scientific Acumen.


Indian Students

Rs. 400

International Students


Grade 05


Grade 06

Grade 07


Grade 08

Grade 09


Grade 10

Grade 11


Grade 12

Date of Exam:




Mode of Exam:


Regn. Fee:




12th Jan. 2020


Two Hours


Online (Monitored Remotely)


$10 (Rs. 400 for Indian Students) per exam


Registration Fee;

Study Material;

Practice Papers



Basic Scientific concepts according to respective grades and in conformation with the syllabus prescribed by various Educational Boards;

Emphasis would be on Knowledge, Understanding, Logical Ability

Rewards for Top-Rankers (Every Region)


Rank 01 – 03


Rewards worth $1000 (Gift Certificates, Discount Certificates, etc.);

Full Scholarship to any of the courses run by H First (valid for one year);

Special Rank Certificate – Gold;

Permanent mention on English Emperor website in ‘Emperor Section';

Rank 04 - 10


Rewards worth $500 (Gift Certificates, Discount Certificates, etc.);

Full Scholarship to any of the courses run by H First (valid for one year);

Special Rank Certificate – Silver;

Special mention on EE website for a year in ‘Premier Section';

Rank 11 - 50


Rewards worth $100 (Gift Certificates, Discount Certificates, etc.);

75% Scholarship to any of the courses run by H First (valid for one year);

Special Rank Certificate – Bronze;

Special mention on EE website for a year in 'Super Achiever Section';

Rank 51 - 100


50% Scholarship to any of the courses run by H First (valid for one year);

Special Rank Certificate - White;

Special mention on EE website for a year in 'Achievers' Section';

Gift Certificates, Discount Certificates, Other Rewards

Frequently asked questions

What is the date of the Olympiad? And, the location?

The Olympiad would be held on 12th Jan. 2020. The test would be held ONLINE.

The decision to hold the test ONLINE has been taken to make sure that the participants do not have to waste time and energy in traveling and it would also make the test accessible to students who are not from any major city.

What would be the duration of the test?

The duration of the test would be two hours during which the students would have to answer 100 questions.

What is the eligibility to appear in the Olympiad?

Students from Classes 5th to 12th are eligible to appear in the Olympiad. Students should register for their respective category as given below:

Grade 5th
Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th

Grade 9th
Grade 10th

Grade 11th
Grade 12th

Though we do not recommend it but if a student from a lower category wants to appear in the test for a higher category, he may do so. Students from a higher category cannot appear in a lower category though.

What does a student gain by participating in the Olympiad?

Participating in an exam like 'International Science Olympiad 2019' by H First is an excellent opportunity for students, aiming at competitive exams, to evaluate themselves and their preparation. All the participants of the Olympiad would be provided an International Rank (IR) on basis of the marks obtained by them in the test. A 'Rank Certificate' would be provided to the students as a proof. This certificate would be an excellent addition to a student's resume while applying for admission into good institutes after school. The ‘IR’ would also let the students know their standing against students of the same grade from around the world. For an even better understanding, we would be providing country-level rankings as well.

A detailed analysis of skill assessed with every answer and the related logic would allow students to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses to create an action-plan for improvement of their base in Science.

Other than these obvious gains, the students would be given rewards as per their rankings.

Do I need any specific equipment to appear in the exam?

You can appear in the exam using any laptop/desktop computer at home or at a cyber cafe. Under special cirtcumstances, you can give the exam using a smartphone but we do not recommend it.

When would the results be declared?

H First would make all efforts to declare the results within 4 weeks from the date of the test.

Why is it an Online Exam?

By making it an Online Exam, we have made the Olympiad accessible to each and every student around the world without worrying about the availability of an Examination Center. That would allow students from every city, town, or village to participate in the exam by using any computer at home or from a Cyber Cafe.

And, the students will not have to waste time and effort in travelling to and from any examination center.

Would it not be easy to cheat as it is an Online Exam?

This exam is primarily a test for a student to self-assess his/her level and knowledge of the English Language. Therefore, it would be stupid of a student to cheat during this exam as it would not allow them to improve their English by getting a proper assessment. The awards being given as rewards are meant to acknowledge a student's abilities but are not the main purpose of the exam. The students should take this exam as a personal challenge and cheating on it will be like cheating with self.

Is there any study material that a student may use to prepare for the Olympiad?

Yes. We would release various e-books for the purpose on our website. Students would be able to place orders for the same online.

What kind of questions would be given in the exam?

Eighty Percent (80%) of the questions will be MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in both Grammar and Comprehension Sections. Rest of the questions will be Open-Ended questions requiring answers from 1-5 Lines. There will be one question where students will be required to write a 250 word paragraph.

Is it necessary to register through one's school?

No, any student can enrol for the test through our website. When a student appears through his/her school, the school gains bonus points towards additional 'Institutional Ranking Points', an International ranking system developed by H First for schools.

Can my school get involved with the Olympiad?

Yes. Every school in the world can become associated with H First by being a 'Partner Institution' and referring its students to sign up to participate in the Olympiad.

What would my school gain by being a Partner Institution for the Olympiad?

Every school that partners for the Olympiad would enhance its prospects of a higher ranking in the Worldwide Rankings for schools. These rankings would be compiled on the basis of the performance of students of a school in the Olympiad. Since Partner Institutions would be sending in more students to appear in the Olympiad, they would be in an advantageous position over other institutions and would end up ranking higher. We would also provide a Referral Amount of Rs. 50 Per Student to every partner school for every student from that school who participates in the exam.

What would my school have to do as a Partner Institution?

The school would simply have to make their students aware of the Olympiads and other exams that H First will organize through the year. In addition, students from such institutions will get exclusive discounts on our paid courses and study material.

My school wants to be a participating institution in the Olympiad. HOw should we contact H First for the purpose?

Kindly contact us by sending across an email at

For any other questions or clarifications, kindly write to us at Support@H-Education.World

To advertise on this page, or for any other query, kindly email us at

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