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Everything in Education for Everyone; Affordable, Adaptable, Accessible

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H First has embarked on a mission to remove all these and other problems and as the first step, the company has set-up a website to provide students with access to Free and Low-cost Online Courses, Books, E-Books, and Admission Counselling.


The second step towards succeeding in our mission is to set-up a big network of schools and colleges from across the globe, starting with those in major English-speaking countries, to create an environment of all-around growth and improvement for schools, students, and colleges.

Element 1: Online Learning Platform for Online Courses and Exams


Element 2: Online Bookstore for physical books and E-Books

Element 3: Worldwide network of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (Click here to read more)

Element 4: Partner Network of Businesses for resources like Student Housing, Travel, and Transportation

Element 5: International database with educational history, employment opportunities, and employment history

Network of Partner Institutions


Our network of ‘Partner Institutions’ will have wide-ranging benefits for all the entities involved – School, Colleges, Students. The main purpose of the network is to get schools and colleges to work with each other, help each other, share with each other, and learn from each other. The impact will gradually snowball into a major change by improving standards in schools and colleges and by providing students with resources and opportunities like never before.

There will be several activities undertaken by our organization for the benefit of the whole network. Here we would like to present further details on the activities that will be undertaken by us. The list includes the projects that we have envisioned currently but we will definitely be building up on the list to include newer projects and activities as and when the opportunities will present themselves.

Activities that will benefit everyone

Teachers' Exchange Program


H First will establish an exchange program between schools and colleges for a mutual transfer of teachers for a stipulated duration both at the domestic and international levels. This will allow the institutions and their students to benefit from varied teaching styles and backgrounds of the teachers and the teachers will benefit through exposure not only to different styles and methodologies but even from the challenges presented by different kinds of students.

Teachers' Training Sessions

H First will conduct multiple training sessions for teachers during the course of an academic year to equip teachers with new and experimental methodologies and techniques not only for teaching but for self-development too. Such regular updates and boosts will help improve the learning curve of the students under those teachers and will lift the overall standards of the school’s results.

Students’ Exchange Program

The Students’ Exchange Program by H First will be implemented both on domestic and international levels for students from schools as well as colleges.. The program will provide extraordinary exposure to students as they will come in contact with new teachers and students from different cultural background and educational system. Its effects will be similar to that of the Teachers’ Exchange Program though the benefits will be more for students here.

Students’ Exchange Program

The Students’ Exchange Program by H First will be implemented both on domestic and international levels for students from schools as well as colleges.. The program will provide extraordinary exposure to students as they will come in contact with new teachers and students from different cultural background and educational system. Its effects will be similar to that of the Teachers’ Exchange Program though the benefits will be more for students here.

Single Platform for access to all equipment, books, software, other educational resources at lowest possible costs

We are building a platform to provide everyone, especially students, with access to all kinds of immediate educational requirements at lowest possible rates by passing on the profit margin benefits to the students.

Subsidized Digital Hardware like Tablets and Laptops

Since e-Learning is gaining more and more focus by the day and since we will be promoting it through our offerings to allow students from all demographics to get access to top-quality learning, it is imperative that students have access to tablets and laptops to access such content. We will provide these at lowest possible margins and will even raise funds through grants and donations to subsidise these to provide them at lower than market rates or even for free if possible.

Centralisation of Admission Procedures with Blockchain-based document submission and verification services

We plan to set up a Blockchain-based digital service to allow colleges and universities to obtain documents securely from students and verify their authenticity directly from schools and colleges. Such a database will be tamper-proof and fully reliable. Later, we will extend the same to companies to allow verification of documents of prospective employees from the student base.

Common platform for access to International exams, competitions, talent hunts, science fairs, seminars, and other educational events

A big problem for students is to find details of quality events that will benefit their learning process. Our platform will list details of various events for the benefit of students, including the facility to register for the same. At the same time, we will collaborate with national and international agencies to hold more of such events and with a much better exposure and scale.

Excursions, study tours, industrial visits for students and teachers

Our platform will help schools plan excursions/picnics with ease, at low costs, with complete security, and with considerably more options. Our network will allow us to conduct study tours and industrial visits in a collaborative manner allowing schools to send select students interested in such visits.

Access to centralized digital repository of books, research papers, worldwide examination and study material

We will create a big digital repository of these resources with free access for students and teachers to help them with their studies, projects, and research.

Benefits for Students

Free curriculum-specific e-Learning Modules

We will create curriculum-specific e-Learning modules to help students master specific topics and problems through repetitive practice by providing the modules for FREE. They will be able to access a topic as many times as they want.

Low-cost preparatory e-modules for competitive exams

We will create e-Learning modules targeting competitive exams taking help from top specialists in various fields. Such modules will be available at the lowest possible costs taking into account the remuneration paid to the specialists.

Career Counselling Sessions

We will conduct career counselling sessions for the benefit of students of grades 9-12 with special visits from achievers and specialists from various fields as well as representatives from universities and industries from India and abroad.

Sports Management

A lot of students are winning laurels for the country and for their institutions in various sports but the segment is still highly disorganised and students still do not get proper opportunities. We will help talented students from various sports hone their skills and will manage them professionally till they are able to find their feet.

Access to Scholarship Network

We will create a comprehensive scholarship network to help students with details of various scholarships and bursaries available at school, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

Student housing solutions

Proper housing solutions are a regular cause of concern for students willing to study in top educational institutes even if it means moving to a different city or country. We will form tie-ups with hostels, PG Accommodations, and specialised student accommodations to provide students with as many options as possible.

Student travel solutions

We will form tie-ups with airlines, hotels, and tour operators to provide discounted/subsidised travel arrangements for students moving abroad for studies, or undertaking travel to participate in national/international sporting or academic events, or for excursions for research or other purposes.

Internship and employment opportunities for college students

Our platform will have a dedicated section listing internship, training, and employment opportunities for the benefit of college students utilising our industrial and corporate tie-ups.

Access to STEM research and innovation Labs, Art Nurseries, Talent Hubs for other fields of study

Utilising support from our network partners, we will set up facilities to hone academic and co-curricular talents of students and to help them prepare for higher studies as per their interests and expertise.

Research opportunities

We will form tie-ups with national/international research organisations and will utilise our network with colleges and universities to provide research opportunities not only to college students but to schools students as well. Students in India are not able to create an interest in scientific or academic research simple because of lack of exposure and opportunities. A proper exposure will kindle the sparks necessary to propel the students towards Research.

Exclusive certifications with industry-wide recognition and acceptance

We will come up with certifications to help students bolster their resumes for admissions and for placements. The certifications will be specific to certain core areas with distinct focus points and in line with latest trends worldwide.

Benefits for Schools and Colleges

Best Practices Sharing

All the schools and colleges on the network will be able to share best practices with each other both in the academic as well as administrative domains. We will hold regular conferences and seminars for the network institutions to interact with and learn from each other.

Single Platform for access to cafeteria solutions, transport solutions, Hiring solutions, security solutions

We will build single-point solutions for all network institutions for all services that they outsource to vendors in order to help them lower their costs of operations while increasing reliability, adherence, and security.

Access to best students from top schools

Colleges will get quick and specific access to best students from network schools to present their offerings to them through ‘On-Campus’ admission counselling sessions in network schools.

If you represent a school or a college and your institution would like to join our network, you simply need to call out to us by sending an email at support@hfirst.in.

To advertise on this page, or for any other query, kindly email us at Support@HFirst.in

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'H First' is trying to create the biggest (and the only All-Inclusive/Comprehensive) Education Platform in India (expanding worldwide later) to connect students, irrespective of background and level, with educational resources of all kinds for FREE or at lowest possible margins to make education accessible and affordable to masses. 'H First' will connect students, educational institutions, and businesses together to create a comprehensively connected ecosystem to provide easy access to Books, IT equipment, Stationery, Scholarships, Housing Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Admission Assistance, Internship assistance, Centralised Placement, Online Learning Resources, Software, Evaluation Modules, International Qualifying Exams, Innovation Labs, Research Modules, Art Nurseries, Centralized Digital Repository (of books, research papers, and study material), Centralised Procurement, Blockchain-secured Database of Educational and Employment Credentials, Trainings, Research Programs, Certifications, and a lot more.

Our Mission - Everything in Education for Everyone; Affordable, Adaptable, Accessible