The Indian School of Business and Computing (ISBC) takes pride in positioning itself as a gateway to a prolific International Career by nurturing the highest education standards, modern teaching methodologies, and a vibrant cultural mix to create well-rounded, highly confident, and capable Leaders and Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Collaborating with the Indian and International Universities and Skill Partners, ISBC has specialized Master's Programmes tailored to turn your personal brand to that of a truly global professional.


The institute presents a unique opportunity to students to procure a British Master’s degree right here in Bangalore, India. Its Masters courses are tailored and designed to help students develop skills and knowledge that would help them meet the industries requirements. It also provides students with the opportunity of completing their final semester either in India or the UK. These programs are designed with Indian and Foreign students in mind and are intended to make international degrees more affordable for the students.


ISBC aims to prepare the students with skills and knowledge in an atmosphere where they can discover and realize their full potential and develop into a complete professional. Indian School of Business and Computing, in collaboration  with its partners, delivers International Masters programs that provide students with a global advantage.


The campus has state-of-the-art facilities with smart classrooms equipped with PCs, projectors, smart screens, etc. Fully equipped computer lab, well-stocked library, conference hall, and other facilities allow for an excellent learning environment.

Indian School of Business and Computing, Bangalore, Karnataka

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