MAKE NO MISTAKE - This book is not about Zombies filled with gory murder scenes and horrid chomping on human flesh. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A WAR. A war brought about by a sudden epidemic caused by a Virus. But, it is not that simple.

Hundreds of battles, big and small, were fought all over the world and humanity was on the losing side in each one of them. There were no governments anymore and everything was under the control of the Converts. Humans needed a miracle and it did take place. A group of researchers came up with a new weapon that had the potential to change the tide. At the same time, they found out the story behind the origin of the Converts and the truth prompted the humans to launch an attack.

What was the new invention that could help defeat the Converts?

Did the invention actually help the human armies to win?

Why was it decided to attack San Francisco?

Who won the Battle of Golden Gate - Humans or Converts?

What direction would the war take? Would humanity survive or would the Converts wipe out everything to take over the world entirely?

For answers to all these mysteries, read the third and final book of the series.

The Converts - Battle of Golden Gate

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  • Raj Sharma