MAKE NO MISTAKE - This book is not about Zombies filled with gory murder scenes and horrid chomping on human flesh. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A WAR. A war brought about by a sudden epidemic caused by a Virus. But, it is not that simple. There are questions that need explanations.

How did the Virus come into existence?

How did it convert humans into zombies, making them mindless cannibalistic machines and, yet, make them smart enough to work in cohesion and come up with battle strategies against human armies?

Was there someone behind the outbreak - some rogue nation, some terrorist organization, or ...?

Year 2035

People start disappearing mysteriously in all major cities of the world and without any trace.

Few days later, they start appearing back equally mysteriously but are not the same anymore. They have CONVERTED into cannibalistic monsters, frenzied, with heightened physical abilities but reduced mental capacities .... and, yet, they work together in groups, kill enough to satisfy their hunger and CONVERT the rest to increase their strength.

Police forces and armies use snipers to blow their brains off completely but it turns out that the virus does not spread merely by their bites; there is another way, but, by the time the humans get to know about it, it is too late.

Year 2036 - Six months later

Their number increased to more than half-a-billion and all the countries decided to launch full-scale attacks against the armies of the converts that had taken over major cities and main population centers. With multiple big and small battles, it turned into a world war; a war that united the whole world for the first time in history.

The war stretches from 2036 to 2040. There are furious battles like Battle of New York, Battle of the Five Lakes, The Great Indian Battle and the Battle for SFO.

Will humans be able to stop the 'Converts' from taking over the world or lose everything?

Will humans be able to find out the mystery behind the infection?


A three-book series full of surprises and heroic battles for lovers of fast - paced action, battlefields, wars, and, of course, Zombies.

The Converts - Battle of New York

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  • Raj Sharma

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