George Washington University’s location in the heart of Washington, D.C., provides for unparalleled access to leading international institutions, multinational corporations, global media outlets, and the governments of 177 countries via their resident embassies. This is a singular advantage — no other university has as much potential for international engagement within footsteps of its doors.


The George Washington University is a hub of learning that stretches well beyond its immediate borders. GW students and faculty members are deeply engaged in the quest to understand the world and solve some of its greatest challenges. Its vibrant global network of institutional partners, as well as world-class research institutes right on campus, ensure that GW’s reach is broad, deep, and meaningful.


The university has Undergraduate and Graduate Degree programs in almost all major fields of study along with research facilities for most of those fields. The programs stretch all the way from Arts to Sciences.

The George Washington University, Washington, DC

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