'The Tranquil Cove lay still, lay calm, lay silent,

Its beauty bred a thousand thoughts

in the mind of the brooding bard.

He there lay still, lay calm, lay silent,

and lent grandeur with his thousand thoughts

and some soul to the Tranquil Cove.'

There are plenty of good poets and short-story writers looking for an avenue to get their poems and short stories in front of interested readers around the world. 'The Tranquil Cove' is an effort to be that medium especially for new, unpublished poets and writers. The first issue of the magazine will be released in April 2019. We are currently open for submissions and will accept the same till 20th March 2019.

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your work:



The journal would be in electronic format and will be distributed free of cost to subscribers from across the world.

The journal will be published in English Language.

The journal currently accepts only Poems and Short Stories. We might accept other forms of work later.

The work (Poem/Short Story) should be previously unpublished.

The work has to be submitted only by email. We do not accept physical submissions.

The limit on size of poem for submission is 5 pages and the limit on size of short story for submission is 3000 Words.

If using a pseudonym, you would need to provide the real name too. The real name would not be published and would be held in complete confidentiality.

The work needs to be submitted before the last date of submission for the next quarter. The schedule for the last dates for all quarters is as follows:

          Jan. - Mar.:    01st December

          Apr. - Jun.:    01st March

          Jul. - Sep.:     01st June

          Oct. - Dec.:    01st September

The submission fee has to be paid in advance and would not be refundable in any case.

Payment of submission fee does not guarantee acceptance of work for inclusion in the journal.

The submission fee for the works is as follows:

Poem:              1-2 Pages - $10 / 3-4 Pages - $15 / 5 Pages - $20

Short Story:    Upto 1000 Words - $10 / 1001 - 2000 Words - $15 / 2001 - 3000 Words - $20

The work should be submitted in Word Format (.Doc/.Docx). The matter should be on an A4 Size page and should be Double Spaced. There is no restriction on the font but it should be easily readable (at least pt. 12). If you need your work to have a particular set format, you would need to mention it during submission.

The author should not mention his/her name on the work. It needs to be mentioned only on the submission form.

The author should mention the main idea behind the work and the unique perspective it contains. It would matter a lot in acceptance of the work for publication.

The author needs to provide a brief about himself/herself along with the submission.

By submitting the work, the author confirms that the work is original in all respects and has not been copied/plagiarized from any work of any other person and that not copyrights have been violated. We will conduct a thorough check for the same and if we find any copying/plagiarizing, the author would be banned from publishing with us for ever.

If, in spite of our checks, we are unable to find that the work has been copied/plagiarized and we end up publishing it, and it comes to our attention later that the work had been copied/plagiarized, we will publish a public clarification and apology and the author will be solely responsible for all legal implications including liability for damage to our reputation.

All authors whose works will be accepted for publication will be required to transfer copyright to H Network International, parent of H Books, publisher of The Tranquil Cove.

Works submitted to us should not be submitted to any other publication while under review with us. We make our best efforts to provide a feedback on the work within 3-4 weeks.

Once submitted, kindly do not write to us regarding acceptance until 4 weeks have passed since submission.

Please pay your Submission Fee using the following:

To advertise in the magazine, you may visit our Advertisers' Section by clicking here

To advertise on this page, or for any other query, kindly email us at Support@HFirst.in

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